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9/1/2011  Botulism in Alaska
7/8/2011  Alaska Violent Death Reporting System Report, 2003–2008  PDF
1/1/2008  Conditions Reportable to Public Health  PDF
2/23/2004  2003 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)  PDF
2/23/2004  Alaska Behavioral Risk Factor Survey-2000/2001 Annual Report  PDF
2/1/2004  Tobacco in the Great Land: A Portrait of Alaska's Leading Cause of Death  PDF
1/15/2004  The Burden of Cardiovascular Disease in Alaska: Mortality, Hospitalization and Risk Factors  PDF
10/15/2003  Take Heart Alaska-Full Text  PDF
4/30/2003  The Burden of Overweight & Obesity in Alaska  PDF
2/28/2003  Hepatitis A in a Food Handler - Kodiak, AK  PDF
12/12/2002  Norwalk and Norwalk-like Viruses Fact Sheet  PDF
9/1/2002  Health Risks in Alaska Among Adults, 1999 Annual Report   PDF
8/27/2002  Alaska School and Child Care Facility Immunization Manual - August 2002  PDF
7/30/2002  Alaska Arthritis and Osteoporosis Plan - June 2002  PDF
6/13/2002  Alaska Immunization Fact Sheet 2002-03  PDF
6/4/2002  1998 Cancer in Alaska: March 2002  PDF
7/1/2001  Tuberculosis Control Manual(July 2001)  PDF
1/1/2001  Childhood Immunization Schedule  PDF
11/14/2000  Plain Talk About Childhood Immunizations  PDF
9/1/2000  Cancer in Alaska-1997  PDF
8/1/2000  Health Risks in Alaska Among Adults, 1998 Annual Report  PDF
4/15/2000  Cancer in Alaska-1996 (April 2000 Update)  PDF
4/13/2000  Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey 1999/Alaska School Health Education Profile 1998  PDF
11/18/1999  Bibliography of Published Studies
11/15/1999  State of Alaska Diabetes Control Plan  PDF
5/1/1999  Health Risks in Alaska Among Adults, 1996 Annual Report   PDF
2/15/1999  Cancer in Alaska-1996 (February 1999)  PDF
1/25/1999  Botulism in Alaska
10/24/1998  Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 1997 Update
4/13/1998  Adult Preventive Health Care Guidelines
3/1/1998  1996 Behavioral Risk Factor Survey Highlights  PDF
12/1/1997  1995 Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) (1997 update)  PDF
4/1/1997  1995 Behavioral Risk Factor Survey Highlights  PDF
5/1/1996  1994 Behavioral Risk Factor Survey Highlights  PDF
1/1/1994  Alaska Cancer Control Plan - January 1994  PDF
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