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1993 Edition:

For their investigations of botulism cases, we would like to thank the following Epidemic Intelligence Service (E.I.S.) officers assigned to Alaska by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Thomas Bender, MD, MPH; John Burks, MD; Mickey Eisenberg, MD, PhD, MPH; William Heyward, MD, MPH; Gary Hlady, MD, MPH; Stephen Jones, MD, MPH; Thomas Kosatsky, MD, MPH; Carl Li, MD, MPH; John Middaugh, MD; Michael Moser, MD, MPH; Charles Ryan, MD; Paul Steer, MD; and Thad Woodard, MD. Botulism investigations were also conducted by Sue Anne Jenkerson, RNC, MSN, FNC; Mindy Schloss, RN, MPH; and Michael Jones, MD, of the Alaska Division of Public Health. Charles Hatheway, PhD and Annette Harpster, RN of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have made important contributions to botulism investigations. For their assistance in reviewing the monograph for content and style, we thank Michael Jones, MD; Sue Anne Jenkerson, RNC, MSN, FNC; Rob Tauxe, MD, MPH; and Roy Baron, MD, MPH. Cover photo of Lake Clark and base map of Alaska courtesy of the Alaska Division of Tourism. For graphic design and layout we thank Valerie Hendrickson, Publications Technician, Section of Epidemiology. For word processing we thank Cassandra Kunkel.

1998 Update:

In addition to those mentioned above, botulism cases have been investigated by Michael Landen, MD, MPH; Tracey Lynn, DVM, MS; and Laura Robin, DO, MPH (E.I.S. Officers assigned to the Alaska Division of Public Health); and Barbara J. McCumber, FNP; Gerri Yett, BSN; and Beth Funk, MD, MPH of the Alaska Division of Public Health, Section of Epidemiology. Specimens were processed by Rose Tanaka, Alaska State Public Health Laboratory and tested by Susan Maslanka, PhD, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Wainwright is currently Director, Division of Quarantine, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Atlanta, GA. Graphic design and layout was adapted by Dave Worrell, Publications Technician II, Section of Epidemiology. The authors note, with great sadness, that Charles Hatheway, PhD died on January 7, 1998.

Printed copies of this monograph may be obtained from:
State of Alaska, Department of Health & Social Services
Division of Public Health, Section of Epidemiology
3601 "C" Street, Suite 540
PO Box 240249, Anchorage, Alaska 99524-0249
(907) 269-8000

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