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 Dataline Type
6/1/2005Dataline3.2Tuberculosis among children in Alaska.  
2/1/2003Dataline9:1Surveillance Update: The Alaska Birth Defects Registry 1996-2002 (pdf-594K)
6/1/2002Dataline8:2Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevalence in Alaska: New findings from the FAS Surveillance Project (pdf-151K)
5/1/2002Dataline8:1Findings of the Alaska Maternal-Infant Mortality Review, 2000 (pdf-545K)
12/1/2001Dataline7:1Asthma Education Enters a New Frontier (pdf-55K)
11/1/2001Dataline7:1Asthma Prevalence among Alaska Residents Less than 20 Years of Age Enrolled in Medicaid (pdf-55K)
12/1/2000Dataline6:2Findings of the Alaska Maternal-Infant Mortality Review, 1999 (pdf-53K)
12/1/2000Dataline6:2The Contribution of Parental Alcohol and Illicit Substance Use to Alaska Native and non-Native Infant Mortality (pdf-53K)
11/1/2000Dataline6:1Perinatal Care Regionalization and Mortality among Low Birth Weight Infants in Alaska (pdf-344K)
10/1/1999Dataline5:3Unintended Pregnancies Resulting in Live Births (pdf-570K)
4/1/1999Dataline5:2Domestic Violence in Alaska: Among women who delivered a live infant during 1996-1997 (pdf-474K)
1/1/1999Dataline5:1Birth Defects in Alaska (pdf-954K)
1/1/1999Dataline5:1Folic Acid Knowledge in Alaska (pdf-954K)
9/1/1998Dataline4:11997 Alaska Maternal-Infant Mortality Review Results (pdf-1400K)
12/1/1997Dataline3:4Healthy Families Alaska (pdf-163K)
5/1/1997Dataline3:3The Alaska Birth Defects Registry (pdf-591K)
3/1/1997Dataline3:2Tuberculosis Among Children in Alaska (pdf-598K)
1/1/1997Dataline3:1Teen Live Births in Alaska During 1991-94 (pdf-1001K)
10/1/1996Dataline2:81996 Alaska Maternal-Infant Mortality Review Results (pdf-1210K)
9/1/1996Dataline2:7Alaska Newborn Screening Program (pdf-594K)
7/1/1996Dataline2:6Nutritional Rickets among Breast-fed Black and Alaska Native Children (pdf-558K)
5/1/1996Dataline2:5A Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Newborn Hemoglobinopathy Screening in Alaska  
5/1/1996Dataline2:5An Evaluation of a Series of Diagnostic Clinics for Children Exposed to Alcohol In-Utero (pdf-563K)
5/1/1996Dataline2:5Risk Factors for Nasopharyngeal Carriage of Non-susceptible Pneumococcus and Detection of a Multiply Resistant Clone among Children Living in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Region of Alaska (pdf-563K)
5/1/1996Dataline2:5Temporal and Geographic Trends of Teen Suicide in Alaska, 1979-93 (pdf-563K)
4/1/1996Dataline2:4Breast-Feeding in Alaska (pdf-524K)
3/1/1996Dataline2:3Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Adults in Alaska (pdf-570K)
2/1/1996Dataline2:2The MIMR Results (pdf-1310K)
1/1/1996Dataline2:1The MIMR Process (pdf-555K)
1/1/1996Dataline2:2(1995) Alaska Maternal-Infant Mortality Review Results (pdf-1310K)
11/1/1995Dataline1:7Infant Mortality In Alaska: A Historical Perspective (pdf-539K)
10/1/1995Dataline1:6Early Intervention Services in Alaska and Part H of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (pdf-510K)
8/1/1995Dataline1:5Mortality Rates and Causes of Death Among Alaskans 15 to 19 Years of Age (pdf-472K)
7/1/1995Dataline1:4Pregnancy Planning and Wantedness Among Mothers of Alaskan Newborns (pdf-577K)
6/1/1995Dataline1:3Risk Factors among Children for Invasive Disease Caused by Streptococcus Pneumoniae (pdf-544K)
5/1/1995Dataline1:2Drinking During Pregnancy Linked to Other Health Risks: Results from the Alaska PRAMS Survey (pdf-548K)
3/1/1995Dataline1:1The Prevalence of Children with Special Health Care Needs in Alaska (pdf-541K)
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