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12/4/2015Bulletin29Dog Bite Injury Hospitalizations and Estimated Burden in Alaska, 2001—2011 (pdf-78K)
12/23/2014Bulletin24Toxicology Findings Associated with Violent Deaths — Alaska, 2003–2012 (pdf-121K)
6/3/2014Bulletin8Drowning Deaths in Alaska (pdf-117K)
12/17/2013Bulletin28Work-Related Assault Hospitalizations and Homicides — Alaska, 2003–2012 (pdf-70K)
12/5/2013Bulletin27Non-Fatal Injuries among Commercial Fishermen — Dutch Harbor, 2007–2008 (pdf-80K)
11/15/2013Bulletin26Huffing in Alaska (pdf-85K)
11/6/2013R and R1Risk Factors for Suicide at the Community Level — Alaska, 2003–2011 (pdf-167K)
7/17/2013Bulletin20Death Due to an Accidental Ammonia Release — Southeast Alaska, June 2013 (pdf-67K)
1/14/2013Bulletin4AKVDRS Homicide and Legal Intervention Victims Update — Alaska, 2007–2011 (pdf-63K)
1/14/2013Bulletin3AKVDRS Suicide Update — Alaska, 2007–2011 (pdf-89K)
1/14/2013Bulletin2AKVDRS Summary of Violent Deaths Update — Alaska, 2007–2011 (pdf-112K)
12/5/2012Bulletin26Toxicity and Hospitalizations due to Opioid Pain Relievers — Alaska, 2001–2010 (pdf-196K)
9/25/2012Bulletin20Hospitalizations Due to Motorcycle Crash Injuries — Alaska, 2001–2010 (pdf-93K)
7/30/2012R and R1Characteristics of Suicide Among Alaska Native and Alaska non-Native People, 2003–2008 (pdf-488K)
7/26/2012Bulletin15Hospitalizations due to Unintentional Carbon Monoxide Poisoning — Alaska, 1993–2010 (pdf-73K)
7/17/2012Bulletin13Work-Related Injuries — Alaska, 2001–2010 (pdf-79K)
2/29/2012Bulletin5Child Fire-Related Mortality — Alaska 2005–2011 (pdf-88K)
1/5/2012Bulletin2Fall-Related Injury Hospitalizations among Older Adults — Alaska, 2005–2009  
1/5/2012Bulletin1Summary of Hospitalizations Due to Fall-Related Injuries — Alaska, 2005–2009 (pdf-81K)
10/6/2011Bulletin27Psychoactive "Bath Salts" Toxicity in Alaska—A Case Series (pdf-57K)
7/26/2011Bulletin20Firearm Injury Hospitalizations and Deaths — Alaska, 2003–2008 (pdf-104K)
12/6/2010Bulletin33Evaluation of the Alaska Trauma Registry (pdf-90K)
12/2/2010Bulletin32Homicide Epidemiology Update — Alaska, 2003–2008 (pdf-45K)
9/22/2010Bulletin30Fatal Aviation Crashes in Alaska – A Need for Renewed Caution and Diligence (pdf-60K)
9/14/2010Bulletin28Suicide Epidemiology Update — Alaska, 2004–2008 (pdf-62K)
7/20/2010Bulletin22Summary of Violent Deaths — Alaska, 2004–2008 (pdf-125K)
7/20/2010Bulletin21Overview of the Alaska Violent Death Reporting System (pdf-45K)
11/13/2002Bulletin27Occupational Fatalities in Alaska - 2001 (pdf-171K)
5/11/1999Bulletin8Occupational Fatalities in Alaska - 1998  
1/19/1999Bulletin1Occupational Falls Raise Safety Concerns  
7/2/1997Bulletin28Child Injury Deaths in Alaska, 1993-1995  
3/17/1997Bulletin15Occupational Fatalities in Alaska - 1996  
3/5/1997Bulletin13Snowmobile Injuries in Alaska, 1993-1994  
6/13/1996Bulletin20Firearm Injury: The Leading Cause of Injury Death in Alaska  
2/21/1996Bulletin10Occupational Fatalities in Alaska - 1995  
2/6/1996Bulletin7Access to Alcohol and Alcohol-Related Injury Deaths  
7/27/1995Bulletin16Dockside Crane Operations  
7/21/1995Bulletin15Aviation Crashes and Injuries - Alaska, 1994  
3/14/1995Bulletin9Occupational Fatalities in Alaska - 1994  
1/24/1995Bulletin2Power Take-off Units  
2/7/1994Bulletin6Occupational Fatalities in Alaska - 1993  
10/15/1993Bulletin37Learn the Gas Facts  
8/16/1993Bulletin32Helicopter Logging  
7/13/1993Bulletin24Construction Safety  
6/18/1993Bulletin22Occupational Fatalities in Alaska - 1992  
6/16/1993Bulletin20Trampoline Injuries  
5/3/1993Bulletin14Death on Mt. Mckinley  
12/18/1992Bulletin25Deadly Season for Workers Request
7/14/1992Bulletin15Can Fatalities be Prevented?  
4/13/1992Bulletin6Fatalities in Alaska - 1991  
7/17/1991Bulletin15Surveillance of Aviation Injuries and Aircraft Damage  
4/10/1987Bulletin5Pedestrian Fatalities in Alaska, 1980-1984 (pdf-79K)
4/12/1985Bulletin73 Wheeler - ATV - Injuries 1983-1984  
6/15/1984Bulletin11Asphyxiation in Storage Tank  
3/16/1984Bulletin6Ethylene Oxide - Hospital Evacuation  
3/9/1984Bulletin5Polychlorinated Biphenyls [PCBs] in Aniak  
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