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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
4/1/2015Bulletin7HIV Update — Alaska, 2014 (pdf-116K)
4/17/2014Bulletin5Summary of HIV Infection — Alaska, 1982–2013 (pdf-109K)
4/1/2013Bulletin10Summary of HIV Infection — Alaska, 1982–2012 (pdf-86K)
3/12/2013Bulletin9Linkage to Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Alaska (pdf-109K)
3/27/2012Bulletin7Summary of HIV Infection — Alaska, 1982–2011 (pdf-85K)
2/21/2012Bulletin3HIV Outbreak — Fairbanks, 2011–2012 (pdf-103K)
3/10/2011Bulletin4Summary of HIV Infection — Alaska, 1982–2010 (pdf-70K)
3/22/2010Bulletin8Summary of HIV Infection — Alaska, 1982–2009 (pdf-83K)
2/20/2009Bulletin10Summary of HIV Infection — Alaska, 1982–2008 (pdf-85K)
3/20/2008Bulletin8Summary of HIV Infection — Alaska, 1982–2007 (pdf-79K)
3/2/2007Bulletin6Summary of HIV Infection in Alaska, 1982-2006 (pdf-89K)
3/2/2007R and R2HIV Infection in Alaska Through 2005 (pdf-767K)
3/28/2006Bulletin9HIV Infection in Alaska, 2005 (pdf-88K)
4/6/2005Bulletin13HIV Infection in Alaska, 2004 (pdf-88K)
4/15/2004Bulletin10HIV Infection in Alaska, 2003 (pdf-92K)
1/12/2004R and R1HIV Infection in Alaska through 2002 (pdf-1083K)
5/13/2003Bulletin11Accuracy of Race/Ethnicity Data for HIV/AIDS Cases Among Alaska Natives  
10/1/1998R and R2AIDS and HIV Infection in Alaska  
2/18/1998Bulletin5AIDS - 97 Year End  
8/7/1996Bulletin24AIDS-Alaska (pdf-1274K)
2/14/1996Bulletin8AIDS-Alaska (pdf-1248K)
8/6/1993Bulletin29Principles to Guide Future Response to AIDS Epidemic  
7/27/1993Bulletin27AIDS Case Definition Changes  
6/2/1993Bulletin19TB Morbidity Drops  
5/26/1993Bulletin18Facts About Alaska Adolescents  
1/7/1993Bulletin2Alaskans' Knowledge and Attitudes About AIDS and HIV  
9/6/1991Bulletin24AIDS Facts Request
7/30/1991Bulletin19AIDS - Alaska (pdf-175K)
1/22/1991Bulletin3AIDS-Alaska (pdf-148K)
11/30/1990Bulletin22World AIDS Day  
7/19/1990Bulletin13AIDS-Alaska Request
1/12/1990Bulletin3AIDS in Alaska (pdf-141K)
7/21/1989Bulletin10AIDS in Alaska Request
1/27/1989Bulletin3AIDS in Alaska (pdf-155K)
7/29/1988Bulletin16AIDS in Alaska (pdf-55K)
6/24/1988Bulletin14Resolution on AIDS Policy  
6/3/1988Bulletin11Alaska Employers Respond to Aids Survey  
4/1/1988Bulletin6AIDS in Alaska Request
4/24/1987Bulletin7AIDS Survey Findings  
1/9/1987Bulletin2AIDS in Alaska (pdf-150K)
2/21/1986Bulletin4AIDS Recommendations for Colleges and Universities Request
1/24/1986Bulletin2AIDS in Alaska (pdf-146K)
12/27/1985Bulletin23AIDS Policies for Schools, Daycare, and Foster Care (pdf-45K)
12/20/1985Bulletin22AIDS Policies for Correctional Facilities Request
8/19/1983Bulletin19AIDS Surveillance in Alaska  
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